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Aman & Shiv’s Colorful Sikh Hindu Wedding

Well guys, this is a long, colorful post, because I decided to just go all in and put all four days of Aman and Shiv’s wedding into one big post! When Kim Ho, from You’re Invited Weddings and Events first talked to me about this wedding, with us working at four different locations, I was […]

Romantic and Organic Wedding on the Blog Chic Brown Bride

One of the things we love about shipping orders all over the US, is getting photo back from those weddings.  We get to see our rental collection used in such a variety of ways, in so many different and unique venues.  Lisa and Dante’s wedding in Indiana was soft and romantic, with lots of greenery […]

BBKC – Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Gallery

The second theme we are recapping from Bridal Bash KC is A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Gallery Event Space.  Hannah Schumm, of Weddings by Hannah, came up with the theme, and did a wonderful job of pulling together the vendor team to get a cohesive, well executed look and feel. Through lighting, lots of absolutely […]

Simply Beautiful Wedding at the Bauer

Oh how we love the simplicity of the decor for this wedding, and how beautifully it all came together for a perfect wedding day for Mandy and Ryan at The Bride and The Bauer. Mandy made such great design choices, with a neutral color palette that was heavily greenery based. The Cottage Rose did an […]

Inspiration – Arches, Arbors and Chuppahs

image by Jodi Vander Woude Photography Your ceremony backdrop or altar is probably the most visible part of your wedding. Not only will all of your wedding guests be raptly staring at it (and you!) during the ceremony, but it also will play a central role in your wedding photos. An arch, arbor or chuppah is […]

Urban Americana Shoot on Swooned

Happy 4th of July!  This Urban Americana styled shoot with a red, white and blue color scheme is a perfect fit for this summer holiday. We used blue seersucker fabric as the basis for our inspiration, incorporated red in with our XOXO Marquee Letters and with flowers, and made a white, ethereal backdrop out of […]

Inspiration: Colored Glass Goblets

Mismatched colored glass drinking goblets are such a fun way to add a bit of color to your tabletop design, for almost any event, from weddings to birthdays. They provide an added dimension to the overall look of the table. It’s fun to choose glasses in the same general hue, like pink, amber and yellow, […]

Client Wedding – Sarrah and Bob at River Market Event Place

Sarrah and Bob contacted us after seeing a ceremony backdrop installation we did for an open house at River Market Event Place. (Psst! There’s another open house this week – Thursday August 7, 2014 from 5 – 8 PM! Come see what a bunch of awesome vendors put together for this one.) They were getting married at […]

Inspiration – String Lights II

If you are on a budget, consider making string lights a decor priority.   Lighting plays such a huge role in setting the atmosphere of an event, and string lights are a relatively inexpensive way to really make a space special. For a few hundred bucks (or less, if you just want to do twinkle lights), […]

Client Wedding – Staci & Dan

Oh my goodness, so many unique elements in this client wedding!  The bride, Staci, is a designer, so she had a great time creating the look and feel of their wedding to reflect  her and Dan’s personalities. Staci and Dan got married on Staci’s parents property, so Staci was pretty much starting from scratch.  In […]

Client Wedding – Laura & Justin

Laura and Justin took advantage of the 2012 leap year and got married on February 29!  But because that day fell on a Wednesday, they had a religious ceremony and reception the weekend after.  For that ceremony, Laura chose our handheld French Oak Rope Twist Chuppah, as well as our Tabletop Hanging Chandeliers. This wedding […]

Inspiration – Glittery Gold

With the colder weather and the earlier setting sun, infusing some sparkling gold into your wedding or event can brighten the night! I love the glamour that gold adds to a table, and think gold is coming back in style for weddings. Interested in renting golden items? Give me an excuse to add gold to […]

Inspiration – Unique Wedding Themes

Every so often I come across a wedding that breaks the mold and incorporates a really unique theme in interesting ways.  This week’s inspiration post is a round-up of some of these weddings, using unique themes in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways.  I am most impressed when people go off the beaten path, […]

Inspiration – Geometric

I am loving this trend of highly graphic, geometric details in event decor. It’s a great way to have a modern feel to the wedding while incorporating some fine-grained detail into the design. It seems like different geometric patterns are the natural progression from chevron that is so popular right now.  Is the tide turning […]

Client Wedding – Kevin & Sarah

This wedding is a great example of a couple that worked with the existing character of their venue (the Hobbs Building in the West Bottoms, for the Kansas Citians out there) to achieve an elegant wedding with clean, modern touches.  Picking a great venue that is already in the style you are wanting in your […]

Inspiration – Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are great base pieces for making centerpieces or dessert tables (though I apparently didn’t include any dessert tables with apothecary jars in my dessert table post.  Odd.  Duly rectified in this post!) They also could be used to hold silverware, guestbook papers, or favors. There’s an awesome terrarium centerpiece shown below, which is […]

Inspiration – Ribbons and Streamers

Ribbons and streamers and fabric strips oh my!  This is another post inspired by my friend Kerry, who is getting married next year, loves color, and has ribbons on the brain.  I had sent her some images relating to ribbons, and just loved them so much I had to share! Again! All of the ideas […]

Inspiration – Balloons

What better way is there to have a colorful (and cheap!) wedding decor than with balloons? This week’s inspiration post was inspired by my friend Kerry, who is getting married next Spring and loves COLOR! I sent her a bunch of inspiration images, and just couldn’t resist sharing them with everyone. There is no Ultrapom […]

Inspiration – Apothecary Jar Centerpieces

My default use for apothecary jars is in a candy buffet; but I was having a look around the old internets and noticed people have been using apothecary jars for table centerpieces with great results! The jars give some height to the look and can make a very simple decoration, like limes or mini-pumpkins, look […]

Inspiration – Books in Centerpieces

Using books in centerpieces for weddings must be pretty popular, I had no problem finding images for this week’s inspiration! What I love about using books is that the titles of the books can add sly commentary or talking points for your guests. The books themselves can also act as risers to allow for a […]