How does the order process work?

We have a Rental Cart feature to make it easier for you to put together your order!  Just put in the quantity on each item you want and click update cart.  You can review and change your Rental Cart by clicking on ‘Rental Cart’ in the upper right hand corner.

Once you are ready to submit your order request, just fill out the rest of the fields in the Rental Cart (delivery method, date needed, billing address) and click submit.  Your order request is now submitted! We will send you an Invoice once availability has been confirmed and you may pay via a payment link.

All orders are reviewed by the Ultrapom Sales team to ensure the items are available on the date desired, and to provide delivery quotes if requested. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of submitting an order. We will contact you if there are any issues. Once the availability has been confirmed, you will need to pay your 50% non-refundable deposit with in 3 business days to reserve your items. If the deposit is not paid, your items will be released.

How much do I have to pay to reserve an item?

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for reserving all items.  Please use the Rental Cart to place your order to ensure you get the items you want!

How long is the rental period?

The rental price for each item quoted on this website includes a fixed rental period. The rental starts the Friday before your event (if your event is on Saturday or Sunday), when you can pick up your items, and ends the Monday after when you can drop them back off.

What if I need the item(s) for a longer time frame?

We can often accommodate a longer rental period, just contact us to work something out.

Do you deliver?

Yes! BUT…only in the Kansas City area. Delivery cost is based on the of amount items in your order and the distance from our Midtown location in Kansas City.

Do you have an order minimum?

We do not currently have an order minimum, but we do have delivery minimums since we can only accommodate so many deliveries. Delivery minimums apply to peak times of the year.

Do you have a delivery minimum?

Yes, we do have a minimum order amount for deliveries.  What the minimum is depends on the time of the year.

What do we need to do with dirty plates, glassware, flatware, chargers and linens?

PLATES: Please scrape or rinse plates and return to milk crates they came in. 
GLASSWARE: Please empty all glassware of liquid and return to glass rack they came in.
FLATWARE: Please rinse flatware if possible, and return to bus tub they came in.
CHARGERS: Please place in charger racks they came in.
LINENS: Please place DRY linens and napkins in laundry bags provided.  Do not place anything wet (including dishrags!!!) in laundry bag with linens.  It will mildew the linens and ruin them.

Do you offer a discount to non profit organizations?

Yes, please contact us to get our non profit discount policy.

Do you set up?

Yes! BUT…only in the Kansas City area. Set up is not part of the rental fee. However, if you would like help with set up or decor decisions, we are happy to work with you for an additional fee.

We have put together a blog post to help you choose the perfect tablecloth size for your table —-> How to Choose the Right Size Tablecloth.

I don’t see what I want!

We would love to work with you to find the perfect rental items for your event! We are currently building our inventory and are open to requests and suggestions. Contact us about your ideas!

These prices seem too good to be true…?

You’re right, they are too good to be true – as sale prices. But we are a rental company, so the price listed for each item is the rental price.  We can rent for far less than the cost of each item as we rent the same item multiple times over.  It’s a win-win, we are able to make money and you get the items you need for your event for less than buying them yourself!

What are your policies?

You can check out our policies, as well as download our terms and conditions here.

Are you open and inclusive?

Yes!  We are a proud ally and member of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and are partially gay-owned.  We are excited to work with you!