Ultrapom Event Rental is your source for all your event rental needs.  We have both your basic folding tables and chairs, as well as your specialty rental needs, like gold flatware and sequin tablecloths. We are located in Kansas City, with delivery and pick up available to events in the metro and surrounding areas.

Carolyn Campbell Schwartz founded Ultrapom in 2011 out of the second bedroom of her tiny house in Overland Park. An Overland Park native, Carolyn moved back to the Kansas City area after living in Sydney, Australia, where her husband is from.  Her background is in Interior Architecture and Urban Planning, but her passion is creating beautiful events that help set the stage for a memorable time.

We love beautiful things and places that evoke emotion, with a little twist of fun and personality. Carolyn started Ultrapom because she loved finding all the items that made up the decor of her own wedding, but hated that she had to buy all this stuff for one night! How time-consuming and wasteful. There must be a better way. Enter: rentals!

What in the world is an ultrapom? Back in the day, when the internet was still just a pup, there was a little cartoon site called Homestar Runner. On this site there was a character called Pom Pom, and a catchphrase “seriously, Pom Pom.” Carolyn and her friends started referring to each other as Carolynpom, Bethpom, etc. And what’s better than a pom? An ULTRApom! It’s weird, we know, but we love it. We hope you will too. (And if you’re British, we don’t mean pom in that way!)

We love sharing in the events that are the happiest days in people’s lives, helping them to make their vision come to life, and making good, unique design more readily available.