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Inspiration – Paper Decorations

New year, same blog post – inspiration from around the web!  This week’s inspiration is paper flower decorations, mostly the flower poms that are so popular, but also some other paper decorations.  I previously did an inspiration post on paper flower arches that you also might like. I love paper decorations.  They are a great […]

Inspiration – Autumn

Oh Autumn!  I wish I was a Fall bride, but alas we got married in June…ah well. I love the autumn color palette, with oranges and silvery blues, ivories and burgandy. This week’s inspiration is a doozy – lots of photos that I hope give you some great ideas! Ultrapom has some great items for […]

Inspiration – Books in Centerpieces

Using books in centerpieces for weddings must be pretty popular, I had no problem finding images for this week’s inspiration! What I love about using books is that the titles of the books can add sly commentary or talking points for your guests. The books themselves can also act as risers to allow for a […]

Inspiration – Wood Pieces

I was surprised at how hard it was to find images for this week’s inspiration; apparently people haven’t been incorporating wood bowls or candlesticks into their wedding decor- yet. It’s too bad, because wood pieces add warmth and texture, without a whole lot of cost, especially with more rustic themes. But, as you can see […]