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What better way is there to have a colorful (and cheap!) wedding decor than with balloons?

This week’s inspiration post was inspired by my friend Kerry, who is getting married next Spring and loves COLOR! I sent her a bunch of inspiration images, and just couldn’t resist sharing them with everyone. There is no Ultrapom rental tie-in this week, sometimes it’s just fun to appreciate pretty things.

In my search around for balloon imagery, I discovered a blog post about balloons in weddings by Mr and Mrs, an all-in-one wedding planning headquarters located just around the corner from me in Downtown Overland Park! (I need to get over there and introduce myself.)

wedding decorationsimage source: Aesthetics of Joy

(this image is from the movie the Red Balloon. I had the book that used stills from the movie as a kid- I loved it then and love it now!)


wedding decoration

image source: Martha Stewart Weddings


image source: All Wedding Decorations


metallic letter balloon weddingimage source: Green Wedding Shoes


wedding decorations

image source: Apollinas


wedding decoration ideas balloons

image source: With this Ring Weddings


wedding decoration balloon

image source: Green Wedding Shoes


circus themed wedding

image source: Once Wed

(I freaking love this wedding! Circus themed!)


martha stewart balloon

image source: Martha Stewart Weddings


wedding balloon decoration

image source: TiaraMia


Each Tuesday I will be bringing you images from around the web that are focused on items you can rent from Ultrapom. I hope they demonstrate how Ultrapom can help you get the current trends for less! – Carolyn


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