Blog: State of the Pom: Looking Forward to 2015

Warning: this post is word heavy, picture light, because it is about, (duh duh duh), THE FUTURE.

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What will 2015 bring for Ultrapom? Kittens with every order? Paint all the things gold? Open up Ultrapom Bermuda? Kidding aside, after such a busy and changing 2014, we are ready to refocus our efforts on what is important to us.

We are ready to refocus on our relationships, with both our clients and our fellow vendors, refocus on what the experience of working with Ultrapom is like, and refocus on doing what we love.

See You, Chicago

With these objectives in mind, our first decision was to close down our Chicago location.  We had a fantastic team there, but I personally could not devote the time to do what I believed it needed. It was just too complicated to run a remote location for where our business is right now. So as of January 1, our Chicago bricks and mortar location is officially no more. But don’t worry, Chicago!  We are still very happy to ship our lovely items to you! (And if you already have an order in for pick up in Chicago, we will still honor the order).

Process, Process

Our second order of business is figuring out how we can improve our processes to build stronger relationships and a better user experience. We will be doing a major overhaul of our website (though most of it will be behind the scenes to improve order management), thinking up ways to make the rental experience clearer and more pleasurable, and identifying where we can make improvements. There are definitely aspects of our operation that we can improve, and this is where you come in! Over the next several weeks, we will be asking you what we need to work on. At the end of the day, you know better than anyone else what works best for you, our clients, and we value that.

The Pretty Little Things (and the Not So Pretty)

We will also be doing a revamp of our inventory, replacing some items that just haven’t worked how we thought with versions that should be much better, removing other items that are just not popular or are riddled with problems, and adding items we see a want for (and love). Again, we would love your input on what we should change or add, so be on the lookout for some surveys coming your way (or just comment below). We do know we will be adding quite a few large furniture items, like farm tables and sofas, so get ready Kansas City!

Flexing Our Creative Muscles

One of the aspects of our business we have loved doing over the past year is installations.  We relish the challenge of figuring out how to get a backdrop or draping to look just right, or to hand paint the perfect design.  We would love to be able to do even more large, creative design installations, from vertical brass light backdrops, to custom painted table runners.  With this desire in mind, I am putting it out the world, to keep us in mind when you are wanting to do a high impact custom design for your event, we would love to assist!

So here it all is – what we are thinking, wanting, and hoping for Ultrapom in 2015.  We are excited for the year to come, as we now have such a great team assembled, and are well positioned to hone in on providing you with the best Ultrapom we can be, while doing what we love to do.


All the best,

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