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State of the Pom: Looking Forward to 2016

We’re very excited for what we have planned for 2016! Our main focus for this year is adding more items to our inventory, particularly more ‘standard’ items like tables and chairs. But, since we still want to provide unique rental items to Kansas City and beyond, we are calling our inventory additions ‘standard, with a twist.’ […]

State of the Pom: End of Year Lookback 2015

It’s interesting to look back at statistics of our business for the year, and 2015 is no different! From what was popular on our social media accounts, to how many individual items we rented out in one year, the results are always insightful. Though 2014 had a lot more big changes for us, 2015 was […]

State of the Pom: Looking Forward to 2015

Warning: this post is word heavy, picture light, because it is about, (duh duh duh), THE FUTURE. What will 2015 bring for Ultrapom? Kittens with every order? Paint all the things gold? Open up Ultrapom Bermuda? Kidding aside, after such a busy and changing 2014, we are ready to refocus our efforts on what is important to […]

State of the Pom: End of Year Lookback 2014

Oh 2014, you were quite the ride.  As I look back on all the great things we did this year at Ultrapom, as well as the changes, I am just amazed at what all can happen in twelve months. This time last year, I had just hired my first full time employee (the awesome Kerry, who […]