Blog: Events in the time of COVID

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and we hope everyone is safe at home. In light of the uncertainty surrounding events over the coming months due to COVID-19, we thought it would be good to post about how Ultrapom is handling COVID-19. Don’t worry! We are happy to help however we can, within government requirements of course. We just want to keep communication open.

Already have an event on the books with us? As part of helping people navigate these uncertain times, we have changed our policy to allow deposits to be transferable to a new event date.  Don’t worry! You won’t lose your deposit. We are happy to help you get your order moved to the new date.  And as always, you can change your order up until 2 weeks prior to your event date – and that includes your new event date!

Rescheduling to a prime date in 2021 (i.e. May/June/September/October)? We are sure you have heard from other vendors by now that they may have to charge a rescheduling fee for prime dates in 2021.  Why? Because rescheduling to those dates means that we lose out on future work for those dates, spreading us all thin, and reducing our ability to provide top notch service. Because we are probably the last vendor you’ve had to check about availability for your new date, and we do have a bit more flexibility with our services than others do, we have decided to NOT charge a rescheduling fee. We are asking, and this is totally voluntary, that if you could, add a bit more to your order, like upgrade your chairs or plates, or add on a specialty linen, to help us soften the blow a bit for next year.  We totally understand if you can’t! This pandemic has been an economic crisis for most of us. But if you can, we would really appreciate it.

Have made the hard choice to cancel? Please let us know, we will talk to you about your options. While deposits are non-refundable, we will let you use that deposit as credit for a different event.

Haven’t booked yet but nervous about doing so?  We totally get it! It’s uncertain times. Just like with existing orders, any new deposits put down will be transferable as well.  However, we are advising people with a May or June event that they think may be CANCELLED, not rescheduled, to refrain from placing a deposit for the time being.

We know it’s hard to plan right now, with so much up in the air (especially that dang virus hanging around) – we just wanted to keep communication open so people can make the best choices for their situation.  If you are ready to book, or need to change your order, contact your sales rep or email us at or call at 816-525-8568 !


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