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Although mirror “disco” balls seem synonymous with the 70s, they actually first became popular in the 20s. That’s almost a century of dance floors and parties that have been splashed with light and color from mirror balls! At Ultrapom we really love using things in new AND in vintage ways so obviously we adore a mirror ball over a dance floor, but here are some great uses for mirror balls that don’t immediately make you think of Studio 54.

As a Chandelier:
Bright and Dazzling, in a small space a mirror ball can be breathtaking and in a larger space it instantly catches your eye.

Image Source: Not Just a Mommy

Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

As a Centerpiece

Flowers die but disco is forever!

Image Source: The Glitter Guide

Image Source: Anders Ruff

As a backdrop for accent table or photo booth.

A mirror ball will make your already exciting photos even MORE exciting.

Image Source: 100 Layer Cake

The Unexpected Glam

“Every Barn Needs a Disco Ball”. Just because you’re planning a rustic or outdoor wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have one or two inspiring elements of glitz and glam. I can already hear your guests gasp “There’s a disco ball in the barn! AMAZING!” Trust me.

Image Source: Permanent Daylight

Inspired by what you see here? Let’s chat about how to make it happen for your event! Or, if you live in the Chicago area,  contact me to set up an appointment to see all our goodies in our new Logan Square office.

– Rebecca, Ultrapom – Chicago


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