Blog: This is BIG, Kansas City!

The time has come! As mentioned in my ‘State of the Pom: Looking Forward to 2016‘ post, we are shifting our focus to provide a wider array of rental options in Kansas City for the more standard rental categories.  That means more plate, flatware, glassware, charger, table, and chair options for you all the fantastic events happening in KC!

We have added both more ‘standard with a twist’ options in several categories, as well as high quality basic items, to combine with our more unique inventory.


We’re going to start with some of my favorite additions to our inventory – black stoneware  and modern wide gold rimmed plates. Our Noir Stoneware is a just sublime. Stoneware plates are so in right now, and I am hoping this is just the start to our collection. Our Marais Gold plates literally shine, and will make your event sparkle!

We have also added a bright white rimmed basic plate, that is beautiful on it’s own, or could be mixed and matched with the Marais Gold or the Noir Stoneware.

china rental kansas city

plate rental


We have added several charger options that are great accompaniments to our Dinnerware patterns.  From the antique finish acrylic charger, to those dynamite copper chargers, I am loving the options we now have!

chargers rental kansas city

rent chargers kansas city


You have probably already heard about our Burnished Copper Flatware, but I just wanted to make sure to mention it again, just in case. And, we have added more quantity, to be able to do bigger weddings. We have also added a classic silver stainless steel pattern we are calling the Column. It has a beautiful weight to it, and will look gorgeous with almost any style of wedding.

stainless steel flatware copper flatware rental

cutlery rentals


I am so excited for the glassware we are adding to our inventory. It all can stand beautifully on its own, but can also mix and match with our existing glassware, and each other. The set of Gold Rimmed Glasses that we chose is so elegant and perfectly proportioned. The Stemless Glasses are a fun twist on the standard glass (and look awesome with our colored glass goblets). We have also added a sleek modern carafe, to keep your tabletop looking on point. (We should be adding some more standard wine, water, and liquor glasses shortly.  We’re just finalizing the exact style.)

drinking glass carafe rental

drink glass rental kansas city


Ah, the Gold Chiavari! So classic, so timeless, so popular – and now ours! And her sister – the White Resin Garden Folding Chair! Both are great options for wedding and events, it just depends on the look you are going for, and your price point. We have also added a Fruitwood Garden Folding Chair, as a more cost effective option to pair with our farm tables. They are also a fun twist on the white folding chair.

chiavari chair rental wood folding chair rental

chairs rental kansas city


And now for our most unique and interesting addition to our inventory – standard folding tables and pedestal tables! So these aren’t the sexiest rental items we have ever added to our collection, but they are stalwarts of event planning, and we already have our awesome farm tables (with even more options coming soon!) Chances are, you are probably going to need to rent some tables, so why not rent them from us when you are renting all the more interesting stuff? So far, we have added 60 in. rounds, 8 ft banquets, and 30 in. round high top cocktail tables.

table rental kansas city

tables rental kansas city

We are so excited for all this new inventory!  As always, if there is something you are looking for that we don’t have listed – let us know. We may be able to get it.




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