Blog: 10 Years of Ultrapom: Year 4

We took a “family” photo at one of those mall portrait studios

I feel like I keep repeating myself, that each year was a big year for us, but they all were!  Every year brought something new, more growth, more figuring things out.  In 2014 Kerry came on as my first full time employee, David then did as well (both with the intention of buying into the company), and then we hired our first real (not an owner) employee, Lauren! And we took the leap to move Ultrapom out of my house and into its own warehouse.  We felt like a real company! It also was really fun to hang out with people I like every day, even if we were working. And my cell phone wasn’t the main business line anymore. Glorious! But suddenly I had ongoing financial costs (payroll and rent) that I never had before.  Slow season became terrifying.  

We’ve moved everything in to the new warehouse! Then we had to organize…

Oh, and we also had a location in Chicago.  What?!?  Yeah, I forgot to mention, in 2013 we opened a branch in Chicago, to test it out.  We quickly learned that having 2 locations was HARD.  By the end of 2014, I did the math and realized how much work we would have to put into that location just to break even, and it just wasn’t worth it.  So for just over a year, we could say we had multiple locations, even though one was not much more than a space in a storage facility.  But we did some cool events in Chicago!

This is from one of my favorite styled shoots we did in Chicago

Part of why we were trying out a Chicago location was because we wanted to get away from shipping and start offering furniture, that couldn’t be shipped.  So in 2014, we bought our first chairs, the Ivory Casper Chairs, and the direction of the company started to shift.

From the Not Wedding, Photo by Alyssa Barletter

In honor of the year we started offering chairs, we are doing a great deal!  $5 rental for any of our specialty chairs!  That includes:

This is for any new order of specialty chairs (but you can add on chairs to an existing order, it just does not apply to chairs already reserved) for any date in 2021.  Must contact us by Sunday, 01/31/21 to get in on this special – email us at to check availability and to reserve! Deposit must be paid by close of business Wednesday.


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