Blog: An Evening at Hogwarts!

hanging candles great hall foundation

We created an Evening at Hogwarts to benefit some dear friends who are trying to adopt a baby from China. I’ll be honest, I REALLY wanted an excuse to throw a Harry Potter party, and this was a perfect event for it!

We began the night with a Sorting, then guests tried their hand at mastering the Wizarding Arts, after which we enjoyed a traditional English dinner under the twinkling candles in the Grand Hall, and culminated the evening with a battle for wizarding supremacy that is anything but trivial (we had a trivia contest)!

Thank you so much to our vendor partners who are helping us create this magical night!
Hogwarts (venue): Foundation Event Space
Grand Hall Dinner: Moxie Catering
Floral Design: Good Earth Floral Design Studio
Herbology: The Bloom Academy
Graphic Design and Quillwork: Sugarbean Paper Company
Transfiguration Photobooth: The Photo Bus
Photography: Claire Ryser
We had such a great time, and are excited at the prospect of doing future themed benefit dinners!  Additionally, Offbeat Home & Life picked up this event, so check it out on their blog!
sorting hat reception
hall of wizards
transfiguration photobus photobooth
bar potions
harry potter drink gold rock candy champagne
professor trelawney
divination professor trelawney
herbology flowers bloom academy
bloom academy herbology
hanging candles
slytherin green table great hall
slytherin table green
gryffindor red table burgundy great hall
gryffindor red table great hall
hufflepuff yellow table
hufflepuff yellow table great hall
ravenclaw blue table
ravenclaw table great hall
family style dinner moxie catering
family style traditional english dinner
slytherin flowers
hanging candles
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