Blog: How to Choose the Right Size Tablecloth

An easy infographic to help you pick the perfect size tablecloth for your wedding. So handy!

One of the most frequent questions we get is ‘what size tablecloth do I need?’ Since we rent out a lot of different sizes and styles of tablecloths, we thought it was high time to do a post to help people figure it out.

You need to know two things to figure out the appropriate tablecloth size:

  1. What size is your tabletop?  Event tables are pretty standardized. Most venues have 60 in. rounds, 72 in. rounds, 6 ft. banquets, and/or 8 ft. banquets.
  2. How far do you want the tablecloth to overhang the table’s edge? To someone’s lap? To the floor? To the floor with pooling? What does a ‘lap length tablecloth’ even mean, or look like? What about floor length? Or pooling (also called puddling) length?

Sometimes it is hard to get a feel for what a tablecloth would actually look like on a table just from a description, so here is a photographic example of each length of tablecloth, to give you a better idea of what each one is.

linen tablecloth

black and white stripe runners

champagne sequin tablecloth

We usually size tablecloths to fall to the floor, as it is a more formal look and we rent a lot of sequin tablecloths, and frankly sequins are pretty formal! If you want to really luxe it out, go for a puddle or pooling effect.

With the information outlined above gathered, use this handy infographic we have put together to figure out the right size tablecloth:

Hopefully all this information helps you pick out the right size tablecloths for your next event. So head over to our Specialty Tablecloth Collection and choose the perfect tablecloths for you!


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  1. Judy Megee
    Posted 7 January 2016 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

    Wedding May 7, 2016. Looking for colored round tablecloths for 60″ table in floor length. Interested in a blush or rose gold color for 20-22 tables.

    A light gold color might work.

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