Blog: Hydrangeas: More Bang for Your Buck

Flowers and weddings tend to go together like peas and carrots, but flowers are very expensive peas. A great way to incorporate flowers into your wedding decor in the Spring is hydrangeas, they can give you more bang for your buck. A single hydrangea ‘pom’ in a wood or silver bowl is simple and flower-ful without being too expensive.

cheap wedding flowers hydrangea silver

Though there are several online ‘wholesale’ flower companies that sell flowers by the bunch, I have found (at least for those in the Kansas City area) that Hy-Vee beats any of those online flower guys’ prices. Granted, their selection isn’t as wide as the online guys, but they do sell flowers by the bunch, for less than I have been able to find anywhere on the internet! And they will do a special order for you. Hy-Vee sells a 5 or 6 stem bunch (depending on the flower- hydrangeas are one stem) for $5. Compare that to any of the online flower companies, and you easily save $0.50 to $1.00 per stem! It really adds up.

For those outside of Kansas City, check out your local grocery store, they often have bunches of flowers for a pretty affordable price.


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