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Far and away the item that got the most interest at our booth at the ReEVENT was the chuppah (or canopy, or altar, depending on your inclination). Apparently there are very few options for chuppahs/canopies on the Kansas City area, besides making your own. In fact, the reason we even have the chuppah that was on display at the ReEVENT is because my dad made it for my wedding!

We currently have one two three several chuppahs for rent here, and are looking to expand our chuppah options and would like to hear what YOU are looking for! Check out the styles we are considering, then vote for your favorites at the bottom. Looking for some other style? There’s a text box for that below as well.

Update: Since first posting this, we have added the simple frame chuppah  to our inventory!

Here are a few styles we are thinking of making:

Birch Logs

Handheld Birch Poles

image source: Quiltology

Simple Handheld Poles

image source:

Simple Modern

image source: My Own Chuppah

Garden Trellis-like

image source: Georgia Watson Events


image source: Wedding Bee

Posts in a Pot, to allow for more decoration options

A Simple Frame

Just a simple, pipe frame that is easy to put together and decorate yourself.

To vote for your favorite chuppah(s), just click on the options you like best in the survey! Don’t see what you are looking for? There’s a text box in the survey for you to describe exactly what you want, or even provide a link to an image of the chuppah you have in mind.


This survey has closed.


Interested in renting a chuppah from Ultrapom? Contact us!


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