Classic Glassware

Timeless clear glass stemware that is perfect for any occasion. Available in: Wine 10.5 oz Water 17 oz

Embassy Glassware

Standard glassware that fits any occasion. Available in: Champagne Flute 6 oz Irish Coffee 8.25 oz Red Wine 10.5 oz Red Wine 8.5 oz Water 10.5 oz White Wine 8.5 oz

Gold Rimmed Glassware

Artfully detailed stemware with a delicate gold rim elevates the whole look of your table. Available in: White Wine 10 oz Red Wine 13.5 oz Water 15 oz Champagne Flute 7.3 oz


Estate Glassware

Our collection of Estate Glassware is an assortment of sizes and designs of goblets. Available in: Amethyst Goblets Amber Goblets Blue Goblets Clear Champagne Coupes Clear Goblets Olive/Green Goblets Pink Goblets Smoky Goblets Assortments are pre-bundled by product category, individual sizes, designs or shades are not able to be selected.

Stemless Glassware

Add a modern twist to your table with stemless wine and water glasses.  Available in: Red Wine/Rocks 15 oz White Wine 11 oz White Wine 13.2 oz Water/Wine 17 oz Wine 19 oz

Riedel Crystal Glassware

Our Riedel Crystal glassware is an exquisite choice for your wine and drink needs. This delicate stemware is of the highest quality. Available in: Red Wine 18.5 oz White Wine 10 oz Water 13.5 oz Champagne Flute 9 oz Rocks/Old Fashioned 14.5 oz

Pure Glassware

These beautifully modern angled glasses by Schott Zweisel add a sophisticated touch to your table setting. Available in: Red Wine 18.2 oz White Wine 13.8 oz Water 15.2 oz Champagne Flute 7.2 oz

Optic Crystal Glassware

Crystal glassware with subtle linear pattern. Available in: Old Fashioned 10.25 oz Red Wine Balloon 8.5 oz Red Wine 8.5 oz White Wine 6.5 oz Water 10.5 oz Champagne Flute 6 oz Punch Cup 4 oz